A Roof Inspection Today Can Help You Avoid A Roof Replacement & Extend Your Roof's Lifespan

Metal roof inspection

Routine roof inspections help to keep your roof in tip-top condition while helping to save you money on general roof upkeep and even home upkeep. By having regular inspections, you can extend the lifespan of your roof and prevent unexpected issues from developing through the years. Inspections help to do so by addressing wear caused by many common factors:

  • Age
  • Weather
  • General Wear
  • Algae Growth
  • Animal Activity

If you haven't been having roof inspections handled on a once-yearly basis, it's time to make a change. That change starts by calling Lifetime Metal & Tile Roofing. Our experienced team provide quick yet thorough inspections that are guaranteed to keep your roof looking great and standing strong for many years to come. Give us a call today to get a free quote for your next inspection and to schedule an appointment with us.

Advantages Of Routine Roof Inspections

Make roof inspections a part of your yearly home upkeep to keep your roof and, by extension, home in the best condition possible. In fact, you'll enjoy many advantages by having your roof inspected on a once-yearly basis. Here's a quick list of just some of the advantages that this work has to offer:

  • You'll save money by preventing roofing issues from developing into serious problems
  • Your roof's service life will be greatly increased
  • Your home's curb appeal and property value will be maintained with routine roof inspections

Look To Us When You Need Any Roofing Services Handled

In addition to routine roof inspections, we also offer a variety of other services that are guaranteed to keep your roof in the best condition at all times. Whether you're in need of an inspection, a roof repair, or any other such service, you can count on us to get the work done right for a great price.

Our commitment is simple: to provide quality workmanship and excellent customer service for any and every project that we undertake. Your roof is a vital part of your home, and it deserves the best quality of care you can get for it. Take a moment to check out our customer reviews page to get a sense of the quality of work we consistently provide. For more information about our services and prices, contact us online or over the phone.

Wind Damage Inspection

Inspections are important because your roof may seem OK from the street, but LOOK at the effects of storm damage on your tiles! These can become flying projectiles in the next storm!


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