Metal Roofing: A Modern Smart Choice for Florida Homeowners

Residential metal roof

Asphalt and cement shingles have long been the most popular roofing material for Florida homes, but metal roofs are an increasingly popular modern option—and for good reason.

With styles that now imitate the look of wood, stone, and clay, metal roofing is finding popularity in homes of all types.

These are some of the many reasons metal roofs continue to grow in popularity.

Metal roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions better than any other type of roof. They have the highest wind resistance rating of any roofing material, do not absorb water or moisture, and will not crack and peel under the sun’s harmful rays, making them an excellent investment for Florida homeowners.

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Better investment

Metal roofing systems typically last longer than traditional roofing materials. Most steel and aluminum metal roofing systems come with a 30- to 50-year warranty saving homeowners the cost and trouble of having to ever replace their roof. Because of their durability, metal roofs also require less maintenance and fewer repairs. Also, because metal roofs are a premium roofing material, they can increase the resale value of the home.

Can You Install Metal Roofing Over a Shingle Roof?

In most cases, a metal shingle roof can be installed over an existing roof, which will add another layer of insulation, as well as save homeowners the added cost of having their existing roof removed.

Metal, although super-strong, is very light, weighing less than a pound per square foot compared with as much as four pounds per square foot for asphalt shingles. Adding a metal roof over existing shingles doesn’t significantly increase the overall load for the home structure to bear.

A “green” choice

Compared to asphalt or cement shingles, metal roof systems are the better choice for environmentally conscious homeowners—or any homeowner interested in lowering their energy costs.

Metal roofs are heat-blockers – they reflect heat away from their surfaces rather than absorb it reducing heat transfer into the home. This alone can save homeowners up to 40 percent on their annual cooling costs. In addition to reducing energy use in the home, most metal roofs contain 25 to 95 percent recycled content and are 100-percent recyclable at the end of their life.

Indeed, you're sure to agree it's one of the best options you can invest in as a Florida Homeowner thanks to the many qualities that it has to offer:

  • Durability
  • Long service life
  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Energy efficiency

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